Tear Stain Causes

What causes poodle tear stains?

Most pet owners do not anticipate a problem such as tear stains. For someone looking in, tear stains may not even seem like that big of a deal. But for the owner of a dog or cat with tear stains, this problem can many times seem devastating. Your beautiful dog is now blemished with these noticeable reddish brown stains, it’s a constant chore to wipe them away, and even worse, you cannot help but feel that this could be some type of medical problem.


Tear staining in poodles’ and other light colored breeds most commonly starts around one year of age but can occur at anytime.


The root cause of poodle tear stains is a condition called epiphora (the overflow of tears onto the face.) The reason for the reddish brown stains that result from epiphora comes from a bacteria called Ptyrosporin, or red yeast. Unfortunately, one of the perfect places for Ptyrosporin to grow includes moist fur. So now the epiphora has created the ultimate breeding ground for the red yeast, and that is why your poodle has tear stains.


Now that we know what causes tear stains it is time to take a closer look at the causes of epiphora.


The most common causes of epiphora include:


- Blocked tear ducts

- Allergies

- Genetics

- Ear Infections

- Cutting teeth

- Drinking water

- Diet

- Fleas


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Please note: It is important to take your pet to the vet to rule out any serious causes of the excessive tearing.

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