Don't be embarrassed by unsightly poodle tear stains... Get rid of them!

poodle tear stainsIt is very common to see poodle tear stains. Because of their light coloring, the poodle is a likely victim of the brownish stains that spread around their eyes, mouth and paws and eventually ruining their otherwise beautiful and classy appearance.

Far too many poodle owners find themselves at their wits end after trying a handful of do-it-yourself, household treatments to no avail.
However, removing your poodle tear stains does not have to be this frustrating and complicated. Pets' Sparks dog tear stain remover works to weaken the bacteria that causes tear stains, giving your poodle's lovely and forever enchanting look back in just a few short months, after which point you can stop treatment all together.

Does your poodle have tear stains? We can help you remove the eye stains or the red tear discharge from your poodle and many other breeds of dogs and cats.

Unlike other Poodle tear stain removal products, Pets' Spark is only meant for short term use. This product eliminates the bacteria that causes tear stains until it is no longer able to redevelop. Other products work while they are being used, but owners find the tear stains return shortly after treatment is stopped.

Instructions for removing poodle tear stains with Pets' Spark
Pets' Spark is a powder that can be mixed with your poodles daily meal or favorite treat. Please use the dosage calculator to the left to figure out which size bottle you should purchase. Each bottle comes with a measuring scoop to ensure proper dosage is given to your pet each day. Treatment is once per day for a total of 90 days. Please read label for complete instructions upon purchase. Pets' Spark does not remove the tear stains, but prevents them from continuing, it is advised to also cut away the stained hair around the eyes, mouth, and paws until the staining disappears.
tear stain eliminator
tear stain remover for poodles

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